Al-Asriyya Schools is characterized as one of the schools that pay great attention to athletics.  This division has more than 2500 square meters of space dedicated to all types of sports and athletics, including the following:

First: the Gymnasium and the Swimming Pool:

  • The schools’ gymnasium has an area of around 1000 square meters.  It is an indoor space for a variety of sports activities, which includes four legally sized courts that adopt international standards for handball, basketball, volleyball and badminton.  It has PVC flooring, which provides maximum protection for students during play.  The gymnasium also includes eight basketball boards fixed on lateral wall for the benefit of sport teams practices and activity classes
  • The school has a 20m X 12m half-Olympic sized swimming pool, which is divided equally into six lanes for swimming competitions and championships.  The use of the swimming pool is not limited to the summer season with its excellent ventilation and high efficiency, but can also be used during winter as it is closed and heated and offers the same level of high efficiency and enjoyment.  This swimming pool provides students with the opportunity to practice or learn swimming amidst the highest standards of safety and security
  • The public facilities of the gymnasium and the swimming pool include a buffer zone between them.  There are also two changing rooms, one for boys and one for girls.  Each room contains twelve separate changing booths and two hairdryers
  • The division coordinator is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all the provided services through a special room dedicated for this purpose and connected to the Internet.  There is also a large room for physical education teachers also connected to the Internet.
  • There is a square-shaped room that is nearly 180 square meters in area attached to the gymnasium and encompasses mirrors on three sides.  This is dedicated to gymnastics, ballet, taekwondo, aerobics and some other sports

Second:  External Playgrounds and Courts:

External spaces and courts have been distributed appropriately between the elementary and secondary grades as follows:

  • The main playground, which is more than 1200 square meters, is dedicated to the elementary stage.  It includes a legally sized handball court, as well as separate facilities for boys and girls The main playground is used for various purposes, such as hosting the students’ morning line-up, a field for competitions and games, little league practices, and curricular and extra-curricular activities

Third:  Sports Teams:

In its endeavor to organize the athletics department and give each student the opportunity to demonstrate his/her athletic skills and capabilities in an organized and coordinated fashion, the school has worked, since its establishment, on forming sports teams for boys and girls.  The formation of these teams has been supervised by a group of teachers and trainers experienced in this regard.  The teams are re-formed on an annual basis by involving new students who have creative individual and group skills.  Some of these teams include:

  • The soccer team for boys for the secondary, lower and higher elementary stages
  • The soccer team for girls, which has made many achievements as a result of the continuous training and encouragement
  • The basketball team for boys for in the higher elementary stage
  • The basketball team for girls for in the higher elementary stage
  • The volleyball team for boys for in the secondary stage
  • The swimming team for girls, which is composed of five female students from the 4th to the 6th grades
  • The Ad-Dahiyah team for girls for in the lower elementary stage
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