School Health

 We provide school health services to our students and staff because we believe it is our duty and not an added service, and because students and employees have every right to receive the highest level of health benefits possible.  We believe that medical care is necessary to provide a safe health environment for the students and the staff, especially that they spend most of their time in that environment, which has a major influence on their physical, psychological, mental and social health.

The most important objectives of the school health program include:
  • Daily examination of students and staff
  • Transferring accident cases to first class hospitals
  • Providing  immunizations set by the Ministry of Education
  • Conducting a comprehensive examination on a regular basis
  • Conducting educational seminars
  • Supervising the cleanliness of the school environment
  • Examining teeth and fluoride application
In order to achieve the highest standards in this regard, the school brought in a full medical team that is responsible for providing health care services of exceptional quality.  This falls within the framework of cooperation and professionalism that is designed to create healthy and sound generations.  The team’s work is not limited to providing treatment in the clinic, but also to provide help in resolving social and psychological issues in cooperation with the relevant parties.
The school also provides first class health insurance at all private hospitals for the employees, their spouses and two of their children.
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