Virtual Laboratory:

The school employs a policy of "active "science education, which gives students the opportunity to actively participate in building knowledge and substantiating information. This is done by providing an enriching environment which encourages exploration and inquiry.
Laboratories Statute:

The elementary stage is equipped with computer and science laboratories fully equipped with modern technologies that enable students to perform the required scientific experiments and transfer theoretical knowledge into practice, which ultimately helps students understand and grasp the information.
  • Al-Asriyya Schools believe that evaluation forms an integral part of the learning process and improving teaching techniques and systems. Hence, the school utilizes a number of systems for continued evaluation, including projects, research, reports and school examinations
  • The school includes three labs for Biology, Chemistry and Physics, installed with all the necessary requirements to carry out experiments by students (individually and collectively), and by teachers, as an application of the investigative method in teaching sciences. It is noteworthy that these labs satisfy the needs and requirements of foreign curricula, especially the British curriculum
  • The labs are installed with electronic tools and equipment, projection equipment, electronic boards and computers connected to the internet, to carry out world-class experiments, such as in the virtual physics lab and “Clever Board and Data Show” systems
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