Our Goals & Vision

Realizing the important role of educational institution in shaping the features of tomorrow's generations, we at AL-Asriyya Schools endeavor to achieve the following objectives and goals:

- Establish generations capable of interaction with genuine dialogue based on respect of other perspectives and opinions, as well as the ability to use diversified and different approaches to handle various issues according to their nature.
- Create an efficient educational environment and provide suitable educational atmospheres that allow students to interact and exchange information between them and with teachers and other workers in a healthy environment that helps expand their thinking horizons and enhance the values of tolerance and understanding.
- Develop new skills and original values that help students integrate with and effect current and future societies.
- Work on equipping students with the suitable capabilities and skills that qualify them to become effective individual capable of upholding responsibility and decision-making.
- Build close cooperation ties with students' guardians and parents and involve them in the educational planning process and benefiting from their problem-solving experiences.
- Expand and strengthen students' connection with the local community by involving them in societal activities and charity work on one hand and familiarizing them with volunteer and social work on the other.
- Develop the staff, especially the teachers, and enhance their efficiency on a continuous basis through skill development programs and training courses, as well as providing job security.

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