Education Support

Supporting Education:

AL-Asriyya Schools include a special section for students facing difficulty in education, supervised by specialists in this filed, providing support for students to overcome their difficulties. The school also includes a special section for talented students who are helped to discover and develop their capabilities.

In order to activate the role of this section over the long-term, the schools has developed a special strategy based on separating between integration and blending with their peers in normal classes. The school sets specific programs to help them overcome their educational difficulties.

Students in this section learn Arabic and English, as well as mathematics, and other subjects studied by students in counterpart classes.
This section is keen on holding periodic meetings with the parents of these students whenever necessary and cases of emergencies. Such meetings aim at providing feedback and follow-up on development in these programs an individual plans, as well as providing advice to parents regarding the procedure that need to be followed during the next stage.

Accepting students to this section passes through specific stage, starting with interviewing the student parents to identify the difficulties facing their  child, followed by another meeting with the prospective student where a specialized group of expert teachers gather the necessary information, based on which the grade level of the student is decided, and an individual / integrative program is prepared.

The section provides specialists for treating various language problems and speech impediments, such as stuttering, stumbling, speech arrest, deletion and replacement.

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